Looking forward to Tuesday!

Email sent to participants on 10/31:

Hello! I hope that this finds you all well post-Sandy. I am looking forward to our session. I am a big fan of the iPad and the possibility they hold for our classrooms. This session will focus on some of those possibilities. I will have a few iPads available for those without, but ask that those of you that have one, or have access to one, please bring it with you. Listed below are the FREE apps I would like you to install prior to our session.


GoodNotes (free) 


For those of you that are new to the iPad, please take a minute to practice before Tuesday. Here is a link to a tutorial for basic iPad skills – click here.  Below is a quick list of tasks for you to complete to prepare for the session. All of these are described in the tutorial video and additional resources are available here.

  1. Swipe left and do a search for “notes” in Spotlight 

  1. Create a “Note” to use as a notepad for this set of challenges 

  1. Rotate iPad for both Horizontal or Vertical view 

  1. Lock & unlock the screen orientation 

  1. View most recent applications 

  1. Turn the speaker volume up or down 

  1. Find the Sleep/Wake button 

  1. Rearrange your desktop apps 

  1. Create a folder (for 2+ apps) 

  1. Take a picture and email it to yourself 

  1. Take a screen shot 

  1. Create a short (20 – 30 second) movie starring a colleague using the Camera App 

  1. Go to Settings>General>Accessibility & turn on Speak Selection 

All of this, plus additional resources from the session, will be available on the Natick Tech Day site. (Please check back over the weekend for updates to the site.) I will put a template on there as well for those of you that want to use pen/paper. I will not be distributing anything in paper form, so if you like paper, please print and bring with you. And finally, if you have a stylus for the ipad, please bring it with you.


See you in the NHS library on the 6th! 

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