Getting Started with Google Apps

Looking forward to tomorrow! I have posted all of the resources for my Google Apps session. Please check out the page for more information.

Getting Started with Google Apps

Flipping the Classroom 2 PowerPoint

Hello everyone,
I wanted to give you access to the PowerPoint that I will be using for those of you who like to read ahead, follow along, or have for reference later.

Flipping 2 Wkshp 2012

See you tomorrow,


PowerPoint for Flipping the Classroom 1

Hello everyone,
I wanted to give you access to the PowerPoint that I will be using for those of you who like to read ahead, follow along, or have for reference later.

Flipping 1 Wkshp 2012

See you tomorrow,


Information for Presenters and Guests from beyond Natick!

We want to make sure that everyone has a great experience tomorrow. In our opinion having access to the network might enhance your day:) If you are coming from out of district, we have set up a temporary set of credentials that will allow you to access our wireless infrastructure. Information below!

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Conference Schedule and Listings are Live!

Please be sure to check the course and enrollment listings below! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Technology in Action Showcases

Sitting and participating in traditional workshop formats has its value but it is not the only way that people (and professionals) learn. With our students we use flexible grouping and formats to allow them opportunities to engage with content and learn about subjects and topics that speak to them. With that thinking in mind, we are re-structuring the afternoon “workshop” session and turning it into what we call the Technology in Action Showcase.

Through the Showcase participants will have the opportunity to browse sessions that are of particular interest to them. These might be follow ups from morning sessions or things you were not able to get to during the morning sessions. Either way, you will have the opportunity to see great technology in everyday use. We will have teachers and students from Natick and beyond showing you how to take what you have learned and apply it.

In addition to the showcases, we will have “How To” stations to complement them. The How To stations will have experts available to sit down with you, answer questions, and help you get started. The How To stations will be set up right next to each of the showcase sections for easy access and reference to the presenters.

The Showcases and How To sessions will be arranged categorically around the indoor track in the new high school gym (which is an amazing venue!). The categories are as follows:

  1. iPads and iPods
  2. Google Apps
  3. Social Media
  4. Flipped Classroom
  5. Audio/Video
  6. ITS Learning
  7. Research/Online Resources
  8. Open Session
  9. Job Specific
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Presenter Information

Since we launched the site we have received many questions about what we are looking for from presenters. Just wanted to take a moment to clarify.

  1. No bios necessary:)
  2. Content/handouts/presentations would be great.
  3. Links, digital resources are also welcome.

To add the information to your course ‘s page, please do me a favor and:

  1. set up an account with WordPress. You can do this in just a few minutes at
  2. Email me once you have your account.

Once I hear from you, I will send you an invitation to join the site as an author. From there you can edit away.

If you are not familiar with WordPress, you may email me your course information and I will post it to your page.

Let me know if you have any questions!

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Navigating the Site

There is a lot to look at here and there is a lot you can learn as well. If you are not familiar with a layout like this, I want to make sure you understand how it all works and where you can find what you are looking for. This post will give you the basics to get you going. Here we go!

Up top you will see a menu bar that looks like this:

Each of the categories found in the menu bar will provide you with links to all of the presentations given during the conference. These pages contain content and resources from each of the sessions.

While you are visiting the session pages or reading posts on the main page, you will always notice a set of options at the bottom of each page and post. Looks like this:

This portion of the page allows you to interact with the content in a number of different ways. At the top of this image you see “Share this:” All of the buttons to the right will allow you to share the post or page using your favorite social media platforms. Further down, you will notice the option to “Leave a Reply.” This field provides you with an opportunity to leave thoughts or comments right there on the page.

On the right hand side of the site, you will always see a column of boxes that looks something like this:

These boxes in the right hand column provide you with a number of options. The ones above reflect the various social networks used by the Natick Tech Conference. You can also find archives of content on this side of the page as well. It is a practical tool for navigating and using the page.

Those are the basics of what you are looking at on the page. Take what you have learned and play around the page. If I can be of any assistance, please let me know ASAP.

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Home Base!

Welcome to the 2012 Natick Technology Conference’s (#NT12 for short… and Twitter) home base! This site will house anything and everything happening with or related to the conference. Our goal is to provide a space for participants to access resources from the conference and continue the conversation and learning beyond the conference. Please feel free to contribute to the site and discuss content and ideas freely! We are really looking forward to November 6th. It is going to be an amazing day of thinking, learning, and networking!

As we move towards the conference, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me or Matt. You can reach us both easily via email or Twitter.

Ian: or @ian23505

Matt: or @matthewxjoseph

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