Understanding your Mac: Inside and Out

Presenter: Derek Braunschweiger, Senior Technician – District Wide

Who is this class for? Answer –

Anybody who have ever thought “I wonder why I’m supposed to close my computer when moving it?” or “How often should I charge my battery, and why?” or “Why did my hard drive crash?” This will be a SUPER-EXCITING and informative look at the inner workings of the Mac, and the software that powers it. Think of it as Mac Anatomy 101.

The session will be broken into three (3) parts:

1. Understanding how the inside of the computer works – participant will learn about the internal parts of their computer (hard drive, logic board, optical drive, battery,…) and how they function. They will then understand why certain precautions need to be taken when using their computer and how certain problems can arise.

2. Understanding how your operating system works (OS X) – participant will learn about the software that powers their computer. They will learn why certain files and folders exist on their computer, and what they do, as well as learning proper use of certain System Preference toggles.

3. Best practices / Q&A – participant will learn helpful tips and tricks (both hardware and software-related) to aid them in speed/ease of use with their machine. This will then be followed by an interactive Q&A to clear up any outstanding issues.

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